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Letch Actively - Rutger's Univ., 1986

The Rose Room
Rutger's University
New Brunswick, NJ
March 4, 1986
He had a hunch that, eventually, I would use
the watermelon photo. Sorry about that, Mitch…
Creem magazine photo
Audience recording (sound quality VG; transfer from first-generation tape).

REPERCUSSION: I got an unexpected surprise when I was digitizing dBF’s tape and heard Mitch welcome Gene Holder as part of the show’s live ensemble. I’m guessing L.A. didn’t have a bassist at that point and, since Gene was probably living in Hoboken by 1986, Mitch called up his old friend from Winston-Salem to play the gig. Nice little coincidence…

Highlights: Mitch & Co. put the emphasis on tunes from the about-to-be-released Big Plans for Everybody (my fave L.A. album, so no problem there). Gotta love those encores, with 3 killer covers in a row!

THANK YA KINDLY to the taper and the usual HUGE THANKS to dB’s Fan for the share.

SAMPLE: "Reflecting Pool (Rutger's 1986)"

01 Waters Part
02 Ornamental
03 Writing the Book of Last Pages
04 Leader of Men
05 Talking to Myself
06 Still Dark Out
07 Crows On a Phone Line
08 In Between
09 Every Word Means No
10 Reflecting Pool
11 In Little Ways
12 Won't Go Wrong
13 Last Chance Town
14 Prey
15 Hush (Deep Purple cover)
16 Back of a Car (Big Star cover)
17 He's a Whore (Cheap Trick cover)

TT: 65:37

Letch Actively:
Mick Ersatz – guitars & vocals
Angie Carlson – keyboard & vocals
Eric Marshall – drums
Gene Holder – bass

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