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Continental Drifters - Goppingen, GR 1998

Odeon im alten E-Werk
Göppingen, Germany
June 27, 1998

soundboard (Ex sound quality from DAT master)

REPERCUSSION: Peter joined the Continental Drifters in the early 1990s after The dB's were kaput, and he stayed with the group until it disbanded circa 2003. While they were active, the Drifters recorded several of Peter's songs, so if you enjoy his singing and songwriting, those discs are definitely worth seeking out.

PH lead or shared vocals: 1-03, 1-06, 1-08, 1-10, 2-03, 2-06, 2-07

Peter Holsapple plays his heart out with the Drifters
photo by Bernhard Rosa
BIG THANKS & ALL PRAISE to Leo the Lonetaper for his very generous share and permission to re-post here! 

NOTE: Peter's compositions bear his initials in < >.
Cover tunes also have the name of the composer in < >.
As a big fan, I love that the show begins & ends with Richard Thompson tunes.
SAMPLE: "Don't Do What I Did (PH vocal, Goppingen 1998)"

CD 1
1-01 tuning / intro
1-02 You're Going to Need Somebody <Richard Thompson>
1-03 A Song for You <Gram Parsons>
1-04 Invisible Boyfriend <PH>
1-05 Get Over It
1-06 Darlin' Darlin' <PH>
1-07 Spring Day In Ohio
1-08 Don't Do What I Did <PH>
1-09 Mixed Messages
1-10 Meet Me In the Middle <PH>
1-11 Look at All the Things <Danny Whitten>
1-12 Watermark

CD 2
2-01 The Rain Song
2-02 Way of the World
2-03 Daddy Just Wants It to Rain <PH>
2-04 Who We Are, Where We Live
encore 1:                                    
2-05 Baby Elephant Walk <Henry Mancini>
2-06 Drifters
2-07 Soul Deep <Wayne Thompson>
encore 2: 
2-08 Meet On the Ledge <Richard Thompson>

CD 1 TT: 50:34
CD 2 TT: 46:14

Disc 1 (MP3@320)
Disc 2 (MP3@320)

Alt. Link (Disc 1)
Alt. Link (Disc 2)

CD artwork - front
included in download
CD artwork - back

Continental Drifters:
Peter Holsapple - keyboards,accordion, mandolin, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar, vocals
Susan Cowsill - acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, shaker, vocals
Robert MachĂ© - mandolin, acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
Vicki Peterson - acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
Mark Walton - electric bass
Russ Broussard - drums, vocals

Want to know more about Peter and his stint in Continental Drifters?  Check out these websites:  

Note: the first of these 3 contains a very comprehensive Peter Holsapple discography through the late 1990s

Lonetaper’s notes: BIG thanks to my dear brother-in-crime Real-O-Mind for sharing his incredible collection. This recording here comes directly from the "Men With Microphones" archive. This concert was recorded during their second European tour, Summer 1998. They performed, with an incredible joy of playing, a wide selection of their own songs, and also the cover songs showed their fine taste: starting and ending with a Richard Thompson tune, Gram Parsons, Crazy Horse, Henry Mancini, and a composition by Wayne Carson Thompson, a former hit song for Memphis pop music group of the late 1960s, the Box Tops...

THIS TORRENT IS DEDICATED TO ALL THE CONTINENTAL DRIFTERS... TO ROSARIA AND FRIEDER FROM "ODEON" & "Ratsche", HAPE, EDGAR & BERNIE and all involved... Big thanks to my wife, Mrs. Leo, for supporting and taking an active part in all my craziness... No animals were harmed in the making of this recording or during the mastering and transfer. This is "MWM 0109"


  1. Anything with the name Peter Holsapple has to be good and this is no exception. I only met him briefly when simply saying thanks for playing Charlotte, but he was as genuine as his music!

    1. In a recent interview, Peter implied he was puzzled as to why dB's fans didn't seem to "get" the Continental Drifters' music. It's certainly not the same as The dB's alt-pop, but I still think it's good stuff!