Friday, December 1

Bigger Lovers - Live at WFMU 2002 + 2004

WFMU Live Session 
East Orange, N.J.
Nov. 4, 2002

webstream (sound quality: VG- to VG; 
the source is a lower-quality stream than I usually experience with WFMU)
01 Half Richard's
02 Forever Is Not So Long 
03 Emmanuelle
04 A Simple 'How Are You?'
05 Change Your Mind
06 Threadbare
07 Queen of Eyes (Soft Boys cover)
xx Interview WFMU 2002

WFMU Live Session
East Orange, N.J.
May 18, 2004
webstream (sound quality: VG; this sounds somewhat better than the 2002 stream)
01 You (You You)
02 Blowtorch
03 I Resign
04 Peel It Away
05 You Don't Feel Anything at All  
06 Ninja Suit
07 For Christ's Sake
08 You've Got to Pay
xx Interview - Joe Belock WFMU 2004
ROB SEZ: Not every radio station is loaded with money to archive their live sessions in the highest quality. It's hard to criticize the non-commercial WFMU in New Jersey, since they do such a great job promoting amazing lesser-known bands like Philadelphia's Bigger Lovers. Even though the webstreams I recorded are lower quality than usual, they're still worth a careful listen — and where else can you find live material by these guys? If you like Big Star and more recent bands like Waxwings, you might want to know about Bigger Lovers. Hot tip: Haper's got more goodies by this band at his Popfair blog.

Learn more about the Bigger Lovers' music 
at AllMusic and Trouser Press.
Stream & buy Bigger Lovers' music at Bandcamp.

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