Friday, July 24

The dB's - Chapel Hill 1985 (FM)

Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill, N.C.
March 26, 1985

FM recording (sound quality VG+; transfer from master recording, with some brief cuts due to transmission problems as noted below)

Recording and artwork by the same talented soul

SAMPLE: "White Train" (1985)

01  Rendezvous
02  Not Cool
03  Molly Says
04  Big Brown Eyes
05  Amplifier
06  I Lie
07  pH Factor
08  Big Black Truck
09  Nothing Is Wrong
10  White Train
11  She Got Soul
12  Neverland
13  Spitting In the Wind
14  Love Is For Lovers
15  Black & White*
16  See No Evil*
17  Spy In the House of Love
18  Suspicious Minds
19  Louie, Louie*

*Three songs featuring the guitar talents of Mr. Mitch Easter — the “Fifth dB”. Chuck Dale Smith (from Mitch's old high school band, Sacred Irony) also contributes on "Louie Louie."

TT: 73 mins.

MEGA THANKS TO a certain someone for recording and sharing


In his original share, the taper said: “This show was broadcast live over the UNC student radio station WXYC. I debated on going to the show and staying home and taping, the staying home and taping won out. There were sound problems with the live feed from the club so the first few songs of the set are not included. Not sure exactly how many songs are missing but as I recall it couldn't be more than one or two. There are a few cut-outs in the first 3 songs or so, but they are very brief and don't detract from the show. Mitch Easter makes a guest appearance on three songs. When making the cover years ago I failed to note that Mitch Easter also played on the finale 'Louie, Louie'.”

The dB’s:
Peter Holsapple — guitar, vocals, keyboards
Will Rigby – drums, backing vocals
Gene Holder — lead guitar
Rick Wagner — bass


  1. Hi Rob. Two things - one other credit for last track - Dale Smith... And may be some confusion about dates - cover says 26th, text says 16th. I believe (I have copy I made of same show) that 26th is right - but another show on the site from St Louis carries that date too, it seems.

    1. Thanks, WhatTS. I have corrected the date in the text to match the artwork (db.etree corroborates the date of 3/26). Also added Chuck Dale Smith as a musician for the encore.