Tuesday, December 30

Pylon - New Year's Eve show 2004

40 Watt Club
Athens, GA
Dec. 31, 2004

(10th anniversary — for your own New Year's enjoyment)

PYLON: living large, in-charge, and reunited in 2004

Not just any New Year's Eve show, 
but a hometown gig by one of Athens, GA's finest bands.

audience recording (sound quality VG; transfer from master recording; just enough audience noise to remind you which night of the year it is...)

SAMPLE: "Volume" (Athens 2004)

01 Cool
Pylon: The band & those orange safety cone thingies
02 Dub
03 Driving School
04 Volume
05 Italian Movie 
06 Fluorescence
07 Beep
08 Read a Book
09 Danger
10 Crazy
11 Gravity
12 Working Is No 
13 K
14 Feast On My Heart
15 Stop It
16 M-Train
17 Sloganistic

With apologies to all the hipsters who get nauseated when they see Madonna on vinyl

NEW YEAR’S THANKS to SS, who recorded and mastered this fine show. More HERE.

Vanessa Briscoe Hay - vocal
Randall Bewley (R.I.P.) - guitar
Michael Lachowski - bass
Curtis Crowe - drums

There's another Pylon post HERE, where you can also find links to learn more about the band, its music & its connections to The dB's 


  1. wow. this is great! thanks! excellent band!

    1. Yeah; I had a lot of fun listening while working on the post.

      BY THE WAY: if you or anyone else snatched the first version with a defective Track 13, delete that and download again. I repaired that track and re-uploaded a new set...