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Lloyd Cole - Madrid, Spain 1990 (FM) + bonus

Madrid, Spain
March 21, 1990
plus bonus radio session
FM capture (sound quality VG to VG+; it’s a radio broadcast from Spain, so there were issues with chatty DJs talking too much. This explains all the fade-ins and fade-outs. After some editing work, only a few brief DJ voiceovers remain.)

Portrait of the artist as a 1990s hipster: Lloyd Cole.
In the 21st century, he's still making music worth hearing.
SAMPLE: "Jennifer She Said (Madrid 1990)"

01 Big Snake
Too cool for (your) school: Lloyd Cole
photo by Francine Winham
02 No Blue Skies
03 What Do You Know About Love?
04 Downtown
05 Mr. Malcontent
06 Don't Look Back
07 Mainstream
08 Why I Love Country Music
09 Brand New Friend
10 I Hate to See You Baby 
     Doing That Stuff*
11 Sweetheart
12 Little Sister (Elvis cover)
13 A Gift (Lou Reed cover)
14 band intros
15 Jennifer She Said
16 She Belongs to Me (Dylan cover)
17 Four Flights Up
18 Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?

19 Honest I Do (Jimmy Reed)
20 She Belongs to Me
21 A Gift

*In track 10, there's a jump cut at 0:14

19-21 = Radio Clyde live session with Billy Sloan, Glasgow, Scotland in 1990 (LC with Robert Quine).

TT: 1:07:07

BIG-TIME THANKS to the tapers and to himself for sharing these.

Lloyd Cole – acoustic guitar, vocals
Robert Quine – lead guitar
Matthew Sweet – rhythm guitar, vocals
Blair Cowan - keyboards
Dan McCarroll – drums
David Ball - bass
Heard LC's latest? Standards fully deserves its audacious title...
  Learn more about the music of Lloyd Cole at the artist's official site and/or AllMusic

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