Friday, August 29

Wussy – Best Radio Sessions 2009-'14

KDHX-FM, St. Louis, MO
and KEXP-FM, Seattle, WA

pre-FM sources via Soundcloud and other web streams (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

Wussy at KEXP in Seattle, WA, June 2014. I think Lisa likes the bike...
most excellent photos by BHarvey
ROB SEZ: I don't usually write about new or relatively unknown artists. But occasionally a band's music will catch my ear, and I feel compelled to help spread the word. Wussy is one of those groups. Check the sample to hear why Robert Christgau raves that Wussy has been "the best band in America" ever since they released their debut in 2005.

SAMPLE: "Airborne (live session)"

01 Little Paper Birds
02 Pulverized
03 Waiting Room
04 Asteroids
05 Magnolia
06 Airborne
07 Teenage Wasteland
08 Bug
09 Rainbows & 
10 Beautiful
11 Pizza King
12 Waiting Room
13 Pulverized
14 Little Miami
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the bandand give 'em a big tip!
15 To the Lightning (early mix)
16 Teenage Wasteland (for Cinci Mag) 

1 = KDHX Live Session Aug. 7, 2009
2 & 3 = KDHX Live Session June 7, 2012
4 – 6 = KEXP Live Session June 15, 2012
7 – 11 = KEXP Live Session June 20, 2014
12 – 14 = SxSW live set (KEXP rec.) March 14, 2012
15 = Wussy Soundcloud post (pre-Attica!)
16 = live session for Cincinnati Magazine, rec. Feb. 13, 2014

TT: 1:06:50 
photo by Jay Brown

Chuck Cleaver – guitar, vocals
Lisa Walker – guitar, vocals
Mark Messerly – bass
Joe Klug – drums

John Erhardt – pedal steel, etc.

WUSSY wants you to have this free collection of random tracks via Bandcamp. Isn't that nice?
NYC Taper has several live shows by Wussy.
Blogger Wick has a bunch of live shows as well.
Learn more about the music of Wussy


  1. "The best band in America" is a great exaggeration, but "the best band in Cincinnati" sounds about right.

    Thanks for this post. It's nice to see Wussy getting some attention on a quality site like this (which I just discovered last week).

    1. Yeah, I'm not so sure Christgau's enthusiasm didn't run away with him.

      But Wussy is pretty darn compelling as alt. rock bands go...


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