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Friday's, Greensboro, NC - 1981 (UPGRADE)

The dB's
Greensboro, NC
Oct. 20, 1981

audience recording (sound quality VG++)

BIG THANKS to the taper and ALL PRAISE to fantom for the share -- and to dB's Fan for the upgrade!

(see original post with info & photos HERE)

ABOUT THE UPGRADE: while working on the original post (with a great write-up from fantom), I noticed the recording was a bit "chipmunked." It sounded speeded up, probably due to 1980s-era cassette dubbing. When I obtained dB's Fan's treasure trove, I discovered a low-gen. copy of the Greensboro show in his collection. I digitized the tape, imported it into Audacity, slowed it down to the proper speed, and gave it a few other tweaks to improve the sound. 

SAMPLE: "Big Brown Eyes (Greensboro 1981)"

01 banter + (I Thought) You Wanted To Know
02 Bad Reputation
03 Dynamite (cuts out mid-song)
04 Big Brown Eyes (cuts in)
05 I Feel Good Today
06 pH Factor
07 Ups and Downs
08 Nothing is Wrong
09 The Fight
10 If And When

01 Black and White
02 Big Time
03 Judy
04 Tomorrow Never Knows
05 The Summer Sun
06 Storm Warning
07 Excitement
08 Time Has Come Today
09 We Were Happy There
10 Happenstance
11 Neverland
12 Louie Louie*
13 Death Garage*
14 Let's Live For Today*

*Last 3 songs with Mitch Easter on guitar


Disc 1 (Alt. Link)
Disc 2 (Alt. Link)

The dB’s:
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar, keyboard & vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Will Rigby – drums & backing vocals

*Mitch Easter, guitar (as noted above)

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  1. Anytime I see one of your postings, I'm thankful for what you offer. When I see an upgrade, it's an unexpected bonus. Thanks a bunch!