Friday, July 27

Peppermint Lounge, NYC 1981

The dB's
Peppermint Lounge
New York, NY
Oct. 11, 1981

audience recording (sound quality VG)
Note: This show marked the US release of Repercussion 

BIG THANKS to the taper and uploader!

Video capture from a dB's show at The Peppermint Lounge, NYC

SAMPLE: "Ups and Downs (NYC 1981)"

1.  I Thought (You Wanted to Know)
2.  Bad Reputation
3.  Dynamite
4.  Soul Kiss
5.  Judy
6.  I Feel Good (Today)
7.  pH Balance
8.  Tomorrow Never Knows
9.  Ups and Downs
10. The Fight
11. Excitement
12. We Were Happy There
13. Happenstance
14. Black and White
15. Whipping Post > Neverland
16. (blank - 10 seconds of complete silence)
17. Part 3 of final jam session

The dB’s:
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar, keyboard & vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Will Rigby – drums


Peppermint Lounge, NYC — way back when


Uploader’s note: The Individuals opened. The Raybeats followed The dB's and played a very short 3-song set. The grand finale was, believe it or not, a jam session, with Peter joined onstage by various members of the Bush Tetras, Au Pairs, and Malaria. Included is Part 3 of the jam (first two parts are lost).
Rob says: I've added track 17, which came from a separate download. But since it includes Peter (and is from the same night, venue & show), I thought I'd include it for historical value. Some of you may want to leave it off if you burn the show or load it in your iPod.


  1. It's past midnight and I "should be in bed." Instead, I'll be listening to your latest generous sharing. Thanks again for adding another show!

    1. Warren - thanks for the thanks.

      Now to bed with yer tired self!

  2. I used to really like the Peppermint Lounge. Shows would start really late, I think I saw one start there at 2:40am.

    I did see the dB's there and what I noted about them was their extreme exuberance and happiness about being on stage.