Friday, May 4

The Ritz NYC 1982

The dB's
(with the Horns of Plenty)
The Ritz, New York, NY
February 1982

FM recording (quality Ex-; new & improved source files) 

Highlight: This show may be the cream of the crop in terms of song selection, performance and sound quality. Plus a horn section playing on several numbers! Bonus mystery: Chris refers to the audience as “sports fans” several times; whassup with that?
The dB's and Arto Lindsay, Bond's, NYC, 1982
(Goldmine magazine, 1997)

BIG THANKS to the original taper & uploader, edarthur for the re-up, and big-time dB's fan John L for the upgrade!
There’s some confusion about the correct date for this performance. It’s appeared in trading circles as Feb. 22 as well as Feb. 23. But there's a New York Times article indicating there was a dB’s concert Saturday, Feb. 20, 1982 at The Ritz with horns playing on a few numbers, just like this show. (Perhaps the Feb. 20 concert was broadcast on Feb. 22...) 

SAMPLE: "Ask for Jill (The Ritz 1982)"
1.  Living a Lie
2.  We Were Happy There
3.  Happenstance
4.  Bad Reputation
5.  Ask for Jill
6.  Black & White*
7.  Amplifier
8.  (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
9.  Walking the Ceiling (It’s Good to Be Alive)
10. The Fight
11. Excitement
12. Soul Kiss
13. pH Factor
14. Neverland
15. Storm Warning
16. Death Garage
     *There’s a weird speed hiccup on Black & White starting at 1:44, but only lasts about 18 secs. 

NOTE: I’ve separated out the four tracks from a show in Atlanta, GA, that circulate with some versions of this recording. Those tracks will appear in a future post.

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The dB's:
Chris Stamey
Will Rigby
Gene Holder
Peter Holsapple

The Horns of Plenty are not identified, except that Chris refers to them as “geezers”!
The dB’s at The Ritz in NYC, 1981 or ’82.
Will seems to be looking around for another beer...


  1. Although this has floated around for a while, I haven't heard it sound this good! Thanks a million!

  2. Agree, this is a nice upgrade (with the added band chatter)

  3. Glad you're enjoying it.

    Added band chatter, huh? I need to give it another listen!

  4. Yeah, the other version I had of this concert had most of the chatter cut out but it's good stuff... And my guess is the 'sports fans', it being late Feb, meant Carolina basketball followers, who got shout outs at other shows I've got.